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Siyanda Refractory Services (Pty) Ltd

Siyanda Resources has recently acquired a 14% effective shareholding in Southway Refractory Services (Pty) Ltd, via its SPV called Siyanda Refractory Services (Pty) Ltd.

Established in 1999, Southway  Refractories  (Pty)  Ltd.  is  an agent  and  distributor  for  reputable  refractory   manufacturers  to  supply  quality  refractory  products  to  the  Southern  African  market,

The company’s  vision  is  to  become  the  supplier  of  a  full  range  of  refractory  products,  to  offer   one stop  and  cost-­‐effective  refractory  solutions  to  customers  and  to  optimize  customer  satisfaction,

The company  supplies  a  variety  of  Refractory  Bricks,  Monolithics,  Silicon Carbide  Products,  Graphite  Electrodes and  Ceramic  Fibre  Products.   Commonly  used  products  are  supplied  ex  stock.

Experienced and  dedicated  personnel  from  Southway  can  offer  customer  with  technical  and  other  after sales   supports  from  South  Africa.  Our Principals  provide  technical  support  based on  global  service  experiences.

Besides stringent  quality  control  system  carried  out  by  the  manufacturer, Southway employs  its  own  inspectors   in  China  for  product  inspection  to  offer quality  verification  at  the  manufacturing  point.

The warehousing  facilities  and  delivery  capacity  in  South  Africa  allows  Southway for sufficient  stockholding and  prompt  delivery.