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Siyanda Refining Services (Pty) Ltd

Gauteng Refinery (GR) was acquired from Harmony Gold in 2012. GR commenced operations in 2014 subsequent to obtaining the necessary licenses and permits. In 2015, The core business was focused on refining gold and silver, and the six platinum group metals ie. platinum, palladium, rhodium, ruthenium, osmium and iridium.

As part of a group of companies in the Precious Metals Chain for the past 31 years, Gauteng Refinery is well positioned to maximize growth within the current challenges and opportunities in the Mining Sector.

  • Toll Refining
    Using its deep understanding of PGM chemistry, GR is responsible for the recovery of metal for major corporate clients, ie Anglo American Platinum, De Beers, Pan African Resources, Rand Refinery.
  • Urban Mining
    In collaboration with Mintek, Gauteng Refineries is active in the recovery and recycling of precious metals from autocatalysts, e-waste and other consumer wastes. GR is currently exploring various opportunities in further exploiting this value stream.
  • Residues
    Value recovery from mine clean ups, effluents, slags, refractories, carbon fines and other residues from mining and metallurgical operations.

Siyanda Resources, operating as Siyanda Refining Services (Pty) Ltd became an equity partner with a 20% ownership in Gauteng Refinery.

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Mr Piers du Plessis

Siyanda Resources are shareholders in Gauteng Refinery Services