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Siyanda Mining Corporation (Pty) Ltd

Siyanda Mining Corporation (Pty) Ltd was incorporated in South Africa in June 2003. The company has been established as the vehicle through which the parties invested in Kalagadi Manganese (Pty) Ltd, a company that is held by Kalahari Resources (Pty) Ltd (40%), the Industrial Development Corporation (10%) and Arcelor Mittal (50%). The company has just completed building one of the biggest manganese mines in the Kalahari Basin, with annual production of 3.3 million tons per annum.

Siyanda Mining Corporation (Pty) Ltd is a 8,3% shareholder in Kalahari Resources (Pty) Ltd. Kalahari Resources (Pty) Ltd has a 40% shareholding in Kalagadi Manganese (Pty) Ltd. Siyanda Resources (Pty) Ltd holds a 10% shareholding in Siyanda Mining Corporation (Pty) Ltd.

Contact Person
Mr Lindani Mthwa

Manganese Mining in the Kalahari Basin