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Siyanda Chrome Smelting Company (Pty) Ltd

The Siyanda Chrome Smelting Company (Pty) Limited (SCSC) has identified a business opportunity for ferrochrome production in South Africa located at a site purchased by SCSC adjacent to the Siyanda Bakgatla Platinum Mine which is owned by Siyanda Resources (Pty) Limited.

The project entails the completion of a bankable feasibility study intended to assess the feasibility of constructing a ferrochrome smelter that will utilise DC arc smelting technology to produce approximately 380 000 tpa of ferrochrome at a cost that will place the smelter in the lowest cost quartile of the global production cost curve. The smelter will derive its cost competitiveness from:

  • Processing of low grade chromite consisting of dried fine material
  • Minimal flux addition
  • Use of proven and advanced DC technology
  • Energy efficiency

Bankable Feasibility Study
A Bankable Feasibility Study (BFS) for the installation of two 70MW DC furnaces was compiled by Tenova Pyromet in September 2015. The BFS demonstrated a robust business case.

Subsequently, further testwork proved the concept of pre-heating the chrome using cleaned furnace off-gas. The furnace design will include pre-heating and simplify controlled hot feed to the furnace.

The project makes use of a low grade chromite feed which contains most of the fluxes required to produce ferrochrome. The technology was developed jointly with Mintek who have patented the technology in South Africa, Canada and SADC approval is pending.
SCSC has entered into a Technology Agreement with Mintek for an exclusive licence for the next 10 years, subject to the payment of licence fees.

SCSC was granted an Environmental Authorisation by the Department of Environmental Affairs in November 2017.

Current Production Status
Project phase

Contact Person
Mr Piers du Plessis

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