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Dense Media Separation (DMS)

Dense Media Separation Powder (Pty) Ltd “DMS”

DMS was acquired by a Siyanda – led consortium in 2005. The company is engaged in the production of ferrosilicon (FeSi) powders for the extraction of materials used in dense media separation and operates principally in South Africa, with sale exports in various other countries.

Dense Medium Separation Powders (DMS) is a FerroSilicon (Fesi) producing entity with plants situated in Meyerton in the Metalloys complex. The operation consists of a receiving area, where most of the inputs – coal, coke, scrap and silica are received and set to bunkers. The material is then measured and fed into the furnaces to produce initially granular material which can be used to either milled or atomised product

DMS has the dominant position as a 56% provider of milled and atomised FeSi over the world with the main markets being Europe, Australia and Asia. Africa poses great growth potential with new mines coming up in areas like Angola, DRC and others.

Continuous focus is placed on the ongoing and advanced research for cheaper input material and products.

72% by Siyanda Inkwali and 28% by FMP

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In production

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Mr Xolile Mazaban

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