Who is Siyanda Resources

Siyanda Resources (Pty) Ltd is a South African resources investment company and was formed in 2004 by black mining engineers and other black professionals.

As much as we are an investment company, our focus is on acquisition and the management of acquired assets for optimal performance.

Areas of Focus

Our area of interests are in platinum group metals (PGMs), chrome, base metals (manganese), energy (coal, uranium, oil and gas) and industrial minerals.

We focus on both greenfields and brownfields operations. All of our projects we acquire are on a long-term basis, with optimization of assets being the key goal.

Investment Strategy

Our strategy is to invest in operations where we can add value, by jointly and/or exclusively managing the operations.

Utilization of our extensive managerial, technical and business expertise to grow businesses that we invest in, in order to maximize returns for all the parties.

Where it all Started

Siyanda Resources (Pty) Ltd is a South African resources investment company, formed in 2004 by black mining engineers and other black professionals who commenced operations in the coal industry with a core focus on utilising its expertise in delivering value.

Since that point in time it has matured and the Company has shifted its attention onto the acquisition and management of acquired assets for optimal performance within the industry.

One of the initial successes achieved by Siyanda was through the acquisition of a struggling asset, which it then went on to turn into a highly profitable entity while also extending the useful life of the asset.

Over time the focus of the Company moved onto UG2 Chrome extraction, where it considers itself industry experts and currently holds strong equity positions in which it manages and operates the business for significant value.

The main areas of interest for the Company at present lay within platinum metal groups (PGMs), base metals (manganese), energy (coal, uranium, oil & gas) and industrial minerals.

Our Interests

  • Dense Media Separation Powders, which was acquired from Samancor Limited via Siyanda-Inkwali Resources (Pty) Ltd in association with De Beers Group Services (Pty) Ltd and the National Empowerment Fund Trust,
  • MASA Chrome Company (Pty), of which Siyanda Chrome Investments (Pty) Ltd and Siyanda Bagkatla are co-shareholders,
  • Atomatic Chrome Company (Pty), of which Anglo and Baphlane Siyanda Chrome Consortium (BSCC) are co-shareholders,
  • Nylstene which is situated in Modimolle, Limpopo Province
  • Gauteng Refinery (Pty) Ltd via Siyanda Refinery Services (Pty) Ltd
  • Kangwane Coal Project, anthracite coal, just finalized the bankable feasibility study busy with capital raising.
  • Kalahari Manganese (Pty) Ltd via Siyanda Mining Corporation (Pty) Ltd
  • Southway Refractories (Pty) Ltd via Siyanda Refractory Services (Pty) Ltd

Our Competencies

  • Management and technical skills in both underground and open pit operations.
  • Diversified skills in platinum, gold, coal, base metals, etc
  • Capacity of the mining value chain from mining legislation, mine establishment, actual mining, processing and mining project management.
  • Expertise in relations with organized labour and communities, especially rural areas.
  • Siyanda has developed relations in business and governments in SA, Africa and Internationally.
  • We bring a unique model of operational empowerment as compared to previous passive investment empowerment models we have seen in the industry. We offer our partners models whereby we operate assets we are shareholders in.
  • We put together flexible and broad based structures that include employees, management and communities.
  • Relationships in Africa and SADC can be of value for partners.
  • Our model of developing business organically, ensures that we commit to an empowerment model that succeeds.
  • We are a focused empowerment resources company and have extensive relations in the sector, be it mining companies, employee organizations, professional bodies, state, etc.